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Ross One Friday, December 13, 2013 10:00 PM TAO Nightclub, Las Vegas, NV
  • 21 & over
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Tickets are available at the nightclub door upon opening.
Description: Dress code is Upscale-Casual; button down collared shirts and dress shoes for gentlemen.  No baseball hats, tennis shoes, or open-toed shoes for men. 
Ross One: When you wonder about the origins of DJ Ross One, Cincinnati Ohio is probably not the first, or second, or tenth place that comes to mind. But Ohio is exactly where a 13-year-old Ross Schwartzman sat transfixed to the depiction of hip hop djing portrayed in the movie Juice. From that day on the rest of his teens were devoted to all things Hip Hop DJing. Some tapes of DJ Kid Capri, that made their way from New York, led him to funk and soul music. And soon a teenage Ross One was a local favorite, djing not just hip hop but also the old school music favored by local break-dancers.
College, and a continued passion for djing and record collecting led him to New York City. While obtaining his masters in photography Ross got another kind of education. Ross was inspired by the flawless blending of all different types of music he heard out at clubs. Unbeknownst to him he was an early witness to the birth of what is now known as open format djing.
As Ross finished grad school he began to make a name for himself as a funk and soul dj. He began traveling, playing the funk music he loved, and could often be found escaping the harsh New York winter to DJ in Brazil. At the same time Ross began working in the cutthroat club scene in Manhattan, where he began to hone his skills as a party dj.
Ross did not go unnoticed on the New York scene and soon an offer came his way to play in Miami. Soon Ross found himself in high demand on South Beach. Reluctantly he left New York and set up shop in Miami.
The skills Ross honed as a dj in New York and Brazil really took root in Miami and as his reputation grew he partnered with friends to start Favela Chic, a weekly party centered around Ross’s eclectic djing. He brought the sounds of Brazil, and the attitude of a New York dj, and fused them with the energy of Miami Bass music. The party was an instant success, often heralded as the best party in Miami, it’s known all over the world for its sexy crowd and acetic mix of music.
Ross’s quick take over of Miami nightlife brought a lot of attention his way, and he soon joined forces with the DJ management power house SKAM Artist Inc.
Today Ross is a long way from the photography student who worked part time for trade in a used record store. With a travel schedule that competes with many airline pilots, he flies between a minimum of 3 cities a week, while calling both Miami Beach and NYC “home”. His national and international residencies reads like a “best of” list for the world’s nightlife industry. Ross currently DJs weekly at LIV, Arkadia, and Wall in Miami Beach, and takes bi-weekly trips to Las Vegas for his residency at Tao. His impressive resume includes the top clubs in every major city. From Paris to Tokyo, to Rio de Janeiro and every city in between, Ross has earned the reputation as a go-to party rocker for the world’s top venues and events.
In an industry dominated by celebrity and associations, Ross has earned his place through humble beginnings and old fashioned “paying dues”. Whether in a nightclub djing alongside Jaz-Z and Kanye West, or playing events for clients like Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, or Maxim, Ross turns to years of experience to provide the perfect playlist. He walks the line between a younger rock oriented clientele and the more commercial megaclubs in which he holds his residencies. Ross’s ability to keep the cool kids partying alongside the big spenders and more mature club audiences has earned him a reputation as one of the most consistent and talented djs in nightlife today.